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1 juin 2011 3 01 /06 /juin /2011 21:28

1) let's start with  music . What is your favorite kind of music? 


 I pretty much listen to anything. Stuff like Lil Wayne, Eminem, Goblin


2) Who is your favorite singer ? 


50 cent has always been a favorite 


3) What is the song that you listen at the moment the most? 


I don't really listen to one song right now.. I mix it up


4) Now we'll talk about sports .  do you practice a sport? 


I practice soccer, hockey and a little baseball


5) do you like Barcelona or Real Madrid ? 




6) Who is the best player in the world? 


best player in the world would have to be... I have no idea. Lol


7) Do  you watch TV ? What is you favorite movies?


of course i watch tv. Favorite show is NML. Favorite movie is NeverSayNever...


8) which country would you like to visit? 


 I've been to alot of places but I guess I'd love to visit Europe again It's beautiful there.


9) for the end, what do you say to the public ? 


to the public; Always be yourself. You can always do anything with great support. 


©Amina . Ricarda del piero

 " je ferai la traduction en français bien tot "





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